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Formzillion with Sendgrid

Seamlessly integrate SendGrid into Formzillion for efficient email delivery and enhanced communication capabilities.

Effortless Data Delivery — Efficiently transmit your email data through SendGrid's robust infrastructure, ensuring reliable and timely delivery to recipients.

Instant Connectivity — Bridge communication gaps instantly by leveraging SendGrid's efficient email delivery services.

Endless Applications — Unlock the infinite possibilities of SendGrid to send your emails to any destination for any purpose.

How to create a workflow between Formzillion and Sendgrid

Add the Sendgrid workflow action for form submissions to send the emails to your form submitters


Login to your Formzillion dashboard and navigate to the “Apps” Tab. Click on Sendgrid “Connect”.

Add API key

Enter the Connection Name and API Key and click on Add.

Select your form

Now navigate to the “Forms” tab and select the form for which you want to set up Sendgrid emails workflow.

Add actions

Under the selected form page navigate to the “Workflows” Tab, click on the “Actions” and select “Add action”. Here select the App as “Sendgrid” and Connection which was connected previously.

Sendgrid inbox

Upon successfully connecting SendGrid, every new form submitter will automatically receive an email notification.

Popular Sendgrid use cases

Set up automated email responses to form submissions, providing instant acknowledgments or follow-up information.

Send transactional emails, such as order confirmations or password reset instructions, triggered by form submissions.

Use SendGrid to send account activation or verification emails to users upon form submission.

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