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Formzillion with Airtable

Integrate Airtable into Formzillion for seamless data management and streamlined workflow automation.

Connect forms to Airtable, a flexible cloud-based database tool.

Automate the creation of new records in Airtable based on form submissions.

Efficiently organize and manage data in Airtable for streamlined workflows.

How to create a workflow between Formzillion and Airtable

By integrating Airtable with Formzillion, every new form submission you receive will automatically generate a new entry in your Airtable.


Login to your Formzillion dashboard and navigate to the “Apps” Tab. Click on Airtable “Connect”. This will bring an authorising window for you to authorise Airtable. Here login into the Airtable.

Select workspace

Select the workspace in which table is present and click on “Grant”.

Select your form

Now navigate to the “Forms” tab and select the form for which you want to set up Airtable workflow.

Add actions

Under the selected form page navigate to the “Workflows” Tab, click on the “Actions” and select “Add action”. Here select the App as “Airtable” and Connection which was connected previously. “Add Record” as an action and Select “Table” to which you want to add the record.

Airtable Record

Upon successfully connecting Airtable, all new submissions to your form will be sent to your Airtable selected table.

Popular Airtable use cases

Collecting customer feedback through a form submission and store it in Airtable for analysis

Receive new form submissions to Create a registration for an event and automatically adding attendees to an Airtable database

Collect contact information from clients through a form submission and add them to an Airtable CRM database

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